Apple iPhone 12 vs Google Pixel 5


Welcome to the iPhone 12 vs Pixel 5 Review. The Pixel 5 is more mid-tier flagship than top-tier as the iPhone 12 is. But that doesn’t stop how the Pixel 5 is able to compete with he iPhone 12.


DESIGN: The Pixel 5 is a slimmer more rounded design while the iPhone 12 brings back the nostalgic boxy design some will love and some will hate. Pixel 5 is rocking a rear finger print sensor; while the iPhone 12 uses uses Face ID for security and unlocks. Both have 2 cameras: a standard wide angle and a utra-wide as well which we’ll get into more later in this review. The iPhone 12 is all Glass w/ aluminum sides while the Pixel 5 is an all aluminum build which helps relieve some of that smartphone drop anxiety if you know what I mean. Both designs are wireless charging capable for convenience. And both devices are built extremely well material wise and comfort wise. I’m honestly enjoying both greatly but lets get into what separates the two and what also makes them similar.


 Each device is equipped with a super sharp beautiful OLED display in which the iPhone is still rocking the infamous notch while the Pixel 5 is rocking the more modern hole punched cutout display. Like it’s a step closer to just being all screen. Also the Pixel 5’s display is capable of going up to a 90Hz refresh rate while the iPhone 12 is capped out at 60Hz. This isn’t a deal breaker between the two in my personal opinion but in the name of Tech forwardness the higher refresh rates are more well received in the Tech community. In a nutshell the higher the refresh rate the better for overall performance and user experience so the pixel 5’s display has a slight edge in this regard. Also the Pixel 5’s display has a more cooler tone with deeper contrast, while the iPhone’s display produces a more warmer tone as usual. Both displays are almost equally bright so seeing either display is about the same in direct sunlight. All in all whether I’m on my iPhone or my Pixel the viewing experience is just as good either way. But I will admit the speaker experience is better on the iPhone and this could be due to the Pixels top speaker being under the display. I mean the iPhone’s speaker does have a clear cutout in the display whilst the Pixel’s is buried under the display. Regardless I found consuming media on both display’s to be pleasant nevertheless.


When it comes to Battery Life; although the iPhone 12 is impressive the Pixel 5 gets to shine in this category. The Pixel 5 has a great battery life and power management. Now for ordinary task and typical use you’re getting through your day on both of these devices. But the more labor intensive tasks like Gaming and Video streaming will begin to tax battery life tremendously especially gaming. But this is typical on all phones. So Battery Life is always subjective to the user period. But in most cases the Pixel 5 will outlast the iPhone 12 in battery life yet the iPhone 12 is still a solid battery life if should choose to go that route.


Now this is where Top tier mobile chip on the iPhone 12 in the A14 meets upper mid-range on the Pixel 5 in the Snapdragon 765G. The Pixel 5 still performs great and gives you an experience that does not scream “mid-range performance” it feels like a flagship. The only concern might be longevity over time in performance but at this point it’s fine. Now the iPhone 12’s groundbreaking A14 Bionic chip is hard for any smartphone on the market to compete. Apple just refreshed devices in their computer lineup with chips based off the A14 so that speaks volumes. The longevity of Apples chips performance wise has a track record of being fast for years to come. Basically the Pixel 5 performs well and will have 3 years of Google updates while the iPhone 12’s performance is great with a possible 4-5year plus support from Apple. Pick your poison.


So the reason the Google Pixel device is the iPhone of Android is because it gives a very similar experience and cleanliness on the Android platform. The Pixel launcher is by far my favorite software experience on any Android device period. Also with Google’s direct to device software updates and security patches you can rest assured that your device is up-to-date in realtime and not delayed like many other Android devices. This is why this is the closest to iOS experience you can get outside of an iPhone. And as a person who’s software preference is iOS, MacOS, iPad OS etc. I can’t help but enjoy the Pixels offering as an Android device. With that being said if you’ve ever used an iPhone you understand what the iOS experience is like. And in this years rendition iOS 14 is smoother faster and more improved than ever. Finally pale has given the iPhone platform Widgets and an App drawer. I know Android has had this for years but Apple has done it better. I didn’t stutter! The widget implementation is done extremely well. But I still love my Android options even though I have my Pixel 5 looking just like an iPhone with iOS 14(don’t hate me Android lovers, lol). But that’s the beauty of Android I can create almost whatever I want and customize my device to my exact taste. This is what android users hold on to and fight for and I totally get it. Either way you go whether you choose iOS 14 or Android 11 both OS experiences are amazing.


Now I’m a get straight to the point. This is where the Pixel 5 stands out for pictures period. I always find myself favoring the photos I get out of any Pixel device over any other smartphone available. Now mind you we are talking photos and video is a whole other story but for the sake of photos it’s the Pixel 5 hands down. I don’t know what MAGIC Google puts into their photo processing but it’s by far the best. Now I can’ take away from the iPhone 12 because photos out of this smartphone are amazingly good. I just personally prefer the Pixels photos. The iPhone tends to be on the warmer side while the Pixel is cooler with a deeper contrast and I like that. But when it comes to video!!!! The iPhone is by far the BEST smartphone camera for video period. If you want the best balance of photos and video you go iPhone end of discussion. BUT I will say that the video quality on the Pixel 5 has improved over previous models and this makes the Pixel 5 a fair contender. So it really comes down to what you value most. Photos or Video or BOTH?


It all comes down to user experience when reviewing any smartphone. How does this device perform over time and through my day to day. This is where personal preference and personal needs play the biggest factor. Also pricing and what you can afford. The Pixel 5 is priced amazingly at $649 w/ 8Gb of Ram and 128GB of storage which isn’t upgradable but the Price is a sweet midpoint. While the iPhone 12 comes in at $799(w/ carrier) and $829(unlocked) with an upgradable 64GB base storage option. It will cost you $50 more to match the Pixel 5’s 128GB storage. So the iPhone is obviously more expensive but it’s also technically more advanced. Higher tier chip, better speakers, etc. But the Pixel 5 also gives you a 90Hz display and better battery. It’s a slugfest of preference. Literally you can pay less and get almost if not just as good an experience with the Pixel 5 or you can pay more and get more arguably in the iPhone 12. So I’m a leave the decision up to YOU. Which phone do you think is better? Comment why below and smash that LIKE button!

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