iPhone 12 Mini – Does size really matter?


iPhone 12 Mini - Does size really matter?

Intro: Today we take a look at the smallest iPhone 12, the mini. And we ask ourselves “Does size really matter?” – Like on a serious note. Is having a smaller phone really a bad thing in todays time when every new phone being marketed has a LARGE display equalling a larger phone. But with these larger phones comes discomfort in one-handed use, storage issues and what I’ve developed; Large phone fatigue. Today we examine the answer to all of those things: The iPhone 12 mini

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My name is CJ and this is CJUnplugged where I like to use tech and abuse tech but not in a bad way! I just put it through everyday user experience and report back to you. So that you’re able to make a more informed and confident tech purchase decision. 

DESIGN: This year the only thing different in the design department from the mini’s bigger brother’s the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro and Pro Max; are Size obviously, an extra camera, stainless steel sides, screen brightness, a few other features and that’s about it. Like literally the iPhone 12 mini is the exact same as its counterparts minus the screen size and battery due to it’s smaller build. Now battery is the biggest concern among most but we’ll get into that in just a second. Let’s just acknowledge how nicely put together this nostalgic flat sided glass sandwich truly is. The 12 mini looks exactly the same as the 12 just smaller. 

ACCESSORIES: I just have to take a brief moment to appreciate the California poppy leather wallet on top of the California poppy leather case. Beautiful! Apples MagSafe Case accessories and color selections are on point this year and I have to acknowledge it. No! It is not the best “value” but if you got it get it. 

DISPLAY: The display is a 5.4” Super Retina XDR display. Which is just Apple’s way of saying: OLED. Grant it this is a HDR Display with a P3 wide color gamut haptic touch and 625 nits of max brightness. Sorry that was for my TECH nerds out there. Which basically translates to: This is a super sharp beautiful display. And no we didn’t get 120Hz this year but honestly I’m not bothered because the user experience makes up for it. Oh and yes the notch appears bigger on the mini but it’s not. It’s just the same size on a smaller display but like all notches it becomes apart of the phone and you adjust to it.

BATTERY LIFE: Now this is the biggest concern we all have. Yes! I was worried about battery life too. I mean, we all are used to HUMONGOUS phones with BIG batteries so the thought of a decrease was slightly concerning. But I’ll be honest. Although you do notice the difference between the mini’s battery life in comparison to the 12 it’s not by much. 12hrs of video playback, 12hrs of web browsing and talk time, approximately 7-8hrs of hard use. Now don’t take these numbers to heart but this smaller battery is also accompanied by a smaller screen which uses less battery than the larger displays. Its science to a degree? Right? But one thing I’ll note is the stand-by drainage is slightly more than that of the bigger models so be pro active in charging before ending the night. But in my personal use I’m seeing decent overall battery performance. Some days are heavier use than others but the balance is fair

PERFORMANCE: A14 Bionic chip! The first 5nm chipset in the world! Accompanied by just 4GB of Ram in comparison to the 6GB’s found on the larger models. But we all know iPhones DO NOT require a lot of ram at all so ram size is the least of our worries due to Apple’s sophisticated optimization. What the heck did you just say CJ? This iPhone 12 mini is FAST! Faster than all older iPhones, OnePlus 8T, Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and the list can go on. Now the caveat to this small phone form factor in combination with all that performance is heat build up. It’s basically like having a Hellcat engine inside of a VW beetle if you know anything about cars? That’s yeah… So if you’re looking for extreme gaming on your mobile device the mini is capable but I’d steer you towards the larger models to help avoid any throttling. But for the average and above average user the performance this Mini packs is all you need. 

iOS 14: When it comes to the OS which currently is iOS 14. It is a refreshing change from previous iPhone operating systems. With the introduction of widgets and the app library. That feeling of some customization is finally coming to the iPhone. You can legit have new apps that are downloaded go directly to your App Library and NOT populate your home screen. Allowing the freedom on your home screen that we’ve never had before. You can even hide home screens. Basically we get that infamous smooth yet controlled iOS experience but with some new swag for the 2021 and beyond.

CAMERA: The mini is rocking the EXACT same Wide and Ultra-wide angle cameras you will find on the iPhone 12 and 12 pro. Which means Apple did not slack out on the cheapest smallest iPhone 12 model in any way. I will say this consistently over and over. The iPhone has the best balance of photo and video. The best video performance period and arguably one of the best smartphone cameras on the market. The focus in camera ability from Apple has been welcomed since the iPhone 11 & 11 pro. I’m loving the energy Apple is bringing to their cameras and I hope it continues. So to simply put it the Photos look great! And the videos are amazing. I use the iPhone 12 mini’s video footage and photos to create this very content I use on YouTube and other social media platforms consistently. The HDR video quality coming out of this device is amazing. The photo quality coming out of this device is great. Front facing camera whether video or photo is good. Basically what I’m saying is you can’t go wrong with these cameras on the Mini….period.

CONCLUSION: OK so my conclusion! I really do appreciate the small form factor of the iPhone 12 Mini. The “Mini” in the name can give off the wrong idea as yes it’s a small phone but it’s also all display minus the notch. This creates a smaller phone but a decent size display. Yes it’s smaller than what some are used to and its not for everyone but I do believe its for most that value this form-factor. Big phone fatigue is real and I see it in my comments sections and even in other tech reviewers. I’m here to say it’s okay to take a break from the massive phone in order to enjoy the normal phone[laugh]. Honestly the iPhone 12 and 12 pro are a nice midpoint before going too big but to me the iPhone 12 mini is the sweet point. So does size matter when it comes to the iPhone 12 mini? In my opinion NO..

My name is CJ this is CJ Unplugged, Peace!