IT FAILED ME! The M1 MacBook Pro 13″ DID NOT beat my 16 inch MacBook Pro


IT FAILED ME! The M1 MacBook Pro13" DID NOT beat my 16 inch MacBook Pro

OK so everyone is head over hills for the NEW M1 Macs including myself but I have to be completely honest about the fact that. All that glitters is NOT gold. Now while on paper specs and benchmark numbers the M1 is definitely crushing most of the competition we have to be clear. These are not Real World use situations. Now like you I’ve watched countless videos of people throwing everything under the sun at the M1 Macs and in most if not all cases the M1 has handled just about everything.  

But even then I’m not willing to trade in my MBP 16” for this here MBP 13” and here’s why. My biggest concern since announcement day was the lack of a dedicated graphics card. Now yes the M1 has an 8-core GPU but it’s integrated graphics and not dedicated. And yes it’s the fastest most power efficient integrated graphics. But there’s still the superior truth and performance of having a dedicated graphics card. Also at this current point we can’t plug in an external GPU and try to take advantage of dedicated graphics processing.

So I bring this up because for me as a content creator I push my computers most when video editing. Now the M1 can handle my typical workflow so that’s not the issue. But when I put it head to head with my MBP 16” exporting the exact same project from the internal hard drive. I was absolutely shocked when my MBP 16” beat the M1 chip in exporting my typical 4K project. I mean everyone said “the M1 whips the floor with the MBP 16” but that’s not quite true. When just looking at CPU benchmarks yes but when testing some true user case scenarios, no. Now lets be honest; although the 16” was faster it was also A LOT louder! The fan noise was insane while the 13” M1 was quiet as ever more power efficient and a lot cooler to touch. So the M1 is A LOT better in sooo many ways but not in every way.

So the 16” beat the M1 by about 2mins and 30 or so some odd seconds. This proved to me that my suspicions of the lack of dedicated graphics were valid. Now rumor is Apple is currently working on a higher core count integrated GPU for even better performance and this honestly is what everyone should be waiting for before going up against the 16” MBP and denouncing every intel-based Mac that they own. 

The whole point of this video is to get you to think differently about how you adopt the brand new M1 Mac machines into your everyday life. Even for those who will just this as a typical use device. You know web-browsing, email, content consumption, homework, etc. Just consider the fact that although we do have Rosetta 2 helping us bridge the gap. The gap is still there and more software developers have to develop for and transfer over to the new Apple silicon architecture. 

With that being said. If you’re going to get a brand new M1 Mac and be apart of the early adopter club. Do NOT get rid of your current Intel-based Mac machine. Also know that there will be a BETTER M1 machine in the near future and you don’t want to be stuck salty wishing you waited. Which is why I’m willing to keep the $700 Mac Mini as my M1 project machine in addition to keeping ALL of my current intel-based Mac machines. Basically if you can afford to grab the M1 while also being able to get the next better more improved M1 release of the future while still keeping your intel-based Macs for the few things the M1 just can’t do. Then go for it. And yes I could be like if you’re just doing typical stuff and nothing extreme go for it but the second you run into an early adopter issue then I wouldn’t have warned you with extreme cautions I am doing now. Take it to heart but ultimately do what you want to do.

My name is CJ this is CJ Unplugged peace…