ITS OVER! Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Review Months Later


ITS OVER! Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Review Months Later

INTRO: Let’s take a deep dive into the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and what it has to offer and what it may lack to offer. The Galaxy Note has always been the creme del a creme in the flagship arena. It’s the Goliath of smartphones literally crushing the competition year after year. But it’s truly unfortunate to see this possibly come to an end. So I just released a video explaining why the Samsung Galaxy Note Line might be over and coming to an end so you might wanna watch that video as well. Also SMASH the LIKE button like right now, like go ahead and get it over with now. Let’s get in to the review…

DESIGN: Let’s start off with what you always see first and that’s the design. Now the Note 20 Ultra is eye catching…it’s also jaw dropping with the size of that camera bump! Whoa…besides that, it’s the infamous Note body; Edge to edge curved display, hole-punched front facing camera cut out allowing for no notch, high quality stainless steel glass body, expandable memory slot, the infamous S-pen and the bump! And while it’s not pretty at all it does serve a purpose which we’ll get into when we get to the Camera portion of the review. 

DISPLAY: I’ll say it every Galaxy Note review. The BEST… Yes Samsung has the best most vibrant visually appealing display. This is 6.9” of Dynamic AMOLED, 120Hz, HDR10+ , 1440 x 3088 pixels with a 496 ppi [Tim Allen growl]. And for my non-tech savvy folks it’s just amazingly good. I can never not enjoy watching content on this display. But there is one draw back tot his wonderful display and that’s the curved edges. Some love them and some hate them. While I appreciate the visual illusion of them they just don’t pair well with the S-pen and some people complain about ghost touches from a not so good palm rejection. Now I don’t have the palm issues I’m just not a fan of writing on a curved display with an S-pen if I happen to write along the edges. But this is not a deal breaker at all for me. Oh and 120Hz is only offered in Full HD resolution and not the 1440p resolution I’d prefer.

BATTERY LIFE: Although the Note 20 Ultra is rocking a 4,500mAh battery there’s a humongous screen and power thirsty processor sucking at this battery. It’s an Average battery at best. It’ll get you through your day. Also the battery life can depend on the resolution you chose to use as well. Your options are as follow listed from most power hungry to most efficient; Quad HD 1440p, 120HZ 1080p or 60Hz 1080p which is the most efficient but pick your poison. Why the Note 20 Ultra didn’t get the same size battery as the S20 Ultra which was 5,000mAh is beside me. I guess we can argue the room for the S-pen possibly but nevertheless the battery is fair nothing astronomical.

PERFORMANCE: Now here is where the North American version with the Snapdragon 865 shines. It is FAST and HOT! Crazy clock speeds crazy performance but it will also get hot! Never too hot to hold but if you’re in to pushing your smartphone hard with gaming and so forth. Expect it to get warm but that’s typical of most smartphones I will say. So performance is phenomenal. Also Samsung has been speedy with the updates this year keeping this thing running in tip top shape.

CAMERA: Let’s talk about that bump! It’s massive but it’s for a reason. The bigger the camera sensor the better the performance period. And this rear camera performs. I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the performance of the photos and video. Now I’ll be honest I was nervous after the whole S20 Ultra debacle but Samsung came through with a laser to help with focusing in this camera design. And while it definitely made a huge improvement you can see it hunt for focus every now and then but it nails it more times than not. Also it’s a very fast aperture which allows for nice natural camera blur which I love. As far as the front facing camera to me it’s the typical Samsung front camera experience. It’s not terrible at all but it’s not great either. All in all a solid camera experience by far.

S-Pen: This section is super quick just like the S-pen actually is. It’s increase response time has really closed the gap and you feel the true to life writing experience. 

CONCLUSION: Although I wasn’t a fan of the price at all especially considering the current times. And I didn’t feel much of a bump from the Note 10 plus, the new S-pen placement, and the hideous camera bump. Once I was able to look past those things and just enjoy the user experience. That’s exactly what I did was enjoy the experience of a Note. Super fats snappy and extremely mature in color options. I still would have loved to have seen RED which they did just release but I needed it at launch because now I’m stuck with Mystic Bronze which was the best out of the 3 color options. At the end of the day while the Note 20 Ultra is NOT the best bang for buck in this current market. And I still stand by the Note 10 plus as being the better value with a similar experience. I can’t really knock the Note 20 Ultra but I also can if that makes sense. Lower the price put a little bit more effort standout for another reason other than the camera bump. And we have the Note 20 Ultra we all deserved as Note users. I enjoyed this phone and you’ll enjoy it too. Just get it on Sale…or second hand and save some money. 

My name is CJ this is CJ Unplugged…