Apple Watch Series 6 vs Apple Watch SE Review 3 months Later Don’t BUY the WRONG Apple Watch!


Apple Watch Series 6 vs Apple Watch SE Review 3 months Later Don’t BUY the WRONG Apple Watch!

Intro: On September 18th the brand new Apple Watch Series 6 hit the scene alongside the cheaper Apple Watch SE. Now with very little argument it’s easy to say that the Apple Watch is the best-selling smartwatch and in many ways #1. Although I do find strong competition in the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 but you can watch my comparison video about that and decide for yourself. The big questions in need of answering are: Is the Series 6 really “better” than the series 5? Should you just get an Apple Watch SE and save money? Or is the Apple Watch Series 6 really worth it? Lets answer those questions and many more 3 months later…

Design: Now when it comes to design…it’s an Apple Watch. Not much has change and at this point I’m not sure much will. We did get the new blue and red color which I was hyped about but it’s still minimal. I mean if it’s not broken don’t fix it right? Well in many ways yes but in some ways no. Me personally I like the design of the Apple Watch but I would love Apple to try a secondary design to spice things up a bit. My biggest draw to the competitor the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is the look. I’ll be honest if I’m getting swagged out the Galaxy Watch is complimenting that more for me. But then again the Apple Watch is iconic in the sense that everyone will know you have an Apple Watch which is why I don’t see it changing in Apple’s eyes. Pardon the rant but design wise whether SE or Series 6 not much is different from the previous series 5 model. Which I guess isn’t a bad thing? Comment down below how you feel about the design of the Apple Watch I’m curious…

Display: The biggest difference in display between the Series 6 and SE is always on display. Literally that is all. Same pixel density and in many ways the same display which look absolutely great. The Apple Watch display has always been bright and sharp as ever yielding a clear view of whatever you choose to display. Now the series 6 always on display is brighter than the series 5 but that’s tit for tat. Me personally I love having an Always On display so if it’s not a thing for you then the SE might suit you just fine. And save you some valuable bucks in the process.

Watch OS 7: What makes the Apple Watch great isn’t so much it’s design but it’s software. The user experience I pride so much in any Tech product I review is found in the software of Watch OS 7. Now here’s the best part about the SE and Series 6 or Series 5 etc. They all run the SAME software. Meaning you get basically the same experience except for the limits of the processor on board which we’ll touch more on that later when we discuss performance. But when it comes to convenience, Heart rate notifications, Safety and emergency, phenomenal fitness tracking(Apple fitness+), native sleep tracking, Blood oxygen on demand or ECG(which is series 6 only), Hand washing tracker and the many other apps and software features included within Watch OS 7. No No matter how you cut it the Apple Watch has the best third-party app selection and typically the best smartwatch experience on the market. 

Performance: Now this is were the two differ in the sense that one has a newer processor then the other. The Series 6 is packing the brand new fastest S6 chipset while the SE isn’t far behind at all sporting the S5 chipset which is said to be twice as fast as the series 3. Now the difference isn’t just in the chipset. There’s also the 3rd generation heart sensor vs the SE’s 2nd-gen heart sensor. But both are rocking the same second-generation speaker and mic. So while they are slightly different in tech they are also extremely similar. The Series 6 is about 20% faster but in real-world use the experience is almost the same. 

Price vs Value: The flagship Apple Watch 6 starts at $399 for the GPS-only model and $100 more for the GPS/Cellular version. Mind you this is just the start and the price rises depending on size and material chose. You know Aluminium, Stainless Steel or Titanium. Now the SE comes in at a more value driven starting price of $279 for GPS-only or $329 for the GPS/cellular version. The Apple Watch SE is the cost efficient way to experience the Apple Watch without loosing too much. But the Series 6 is the true feature packed Apple Watch experience but it comes at a price. So see where you fit in the budget wise way your options and make a sound decision.

Battery Life: I’ll make this short and straight to the point. No the Apple Watch does not have the best battery of smartwatches on the market but it fairs well. Offering about a day and half of usage depending on user before needing a charge. I charge my Apple watch every day but on the plus side it charges extremely fast. So even if I forget to charge it I know I can top back up extremely fast. 

Conclusion: Let’s answer those questions we touched on earlier. 

Is the Series 6 better than the Series 5? Technically yes but not enough to warrant an upgrade at all. I feel no different from when I used my Series 5 apple watch. But if you’re buying for the first time and want the latest and fastest offering then go series 6. Or if none of the “NEW” features tempt you then a fair priced series 5 will offer the same experience.

Should you just get an Apple Watch SE and save money? Now this is where the plot thickens. Study the trade-offs which aren’t much to be honest and make a confident decision. In all honesty the SE is a great value for most. And with the new family feature it might be ideal for staying in touch with and tracking younger loved ones without the complexity of giving them a smartphone. The pricing is a good sweet spot and the offerings are a lot for an “SE” version.

Is the Apple Watch Series 6 really worth it? As a smartwatch enthusiasts I can easily say Yes! But not if you’re an Apple Watch series 5 owner unless you just like the latest and greatest and can afford it. 

The more and more I use I smartwatches the more I love them. The convenience of me no longer needing to pull out my smartphone for everything is everything. I can review my grocery shopping list from my wrist and pay without having to ever pull out my phone. Nd in today’s time that’s big for me. Look I could go on an on as to why I find convenience in an Apple Watch. But ultimately it’s up to you to decide whether or not an Apple Watch Series 6 SE or even a Series 5 can offer you the same convenience it has offered me.=

My name is CJ this is CJ Unplugged…